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Post by Luna Fang on Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:46 pm

Somtimes walking or running isnt good for time or the effort or maybe you got to attack a village and they have walls of stone, what are you going to do, this is where vehicles come in. There isnt a rank system per say but there are to categories for vehicles one is combat and the other is travel, there is a thrid called Hybrid but its a mix of the two.

The price will be given to you based on how much your veihicle can take for damage and how fast it can go or how much power it has.

Travel- These vehicles don't have much attack power but move much faster then there combat counterpart, these include wagons, horses, hot air balloons etc...
there are two levels for these vehicles.

Level 1 -This rank of vehicle cant only travel across land and sometimes water.

Level 2- This rank of vehicles can fly threw the air and across the see easily.

Combat- these vehicles are made for attacks and invasions, sometimes used for pillaging. these vehicles can blast attack and dig underground. the attack of the vehicle depends on where its from and who uses it. (If a water bender uses a tank made for a fire bender it wont work because the fire benders tank was made to shoot fire). there is two ranks for these weapons and they go as such

Level 1- these are weaker and smaller vehicles that can do moderate damage to buildings and people, such as a motorcycle with a canon in the front.

Level 2- these are humongous war machines such as tanks or tunnelers.

Hybrid- A hybrid is any type of vehicle that can e used a means of travel as well as in battle, like a mech dragon or other stuff like that. All hybrid will be judged differently then the other then the vehicles.

Vehicles Cost much more and prices will be giving differently
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