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Post by Luna Fang on Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:21 pm

In a fight every warrior has armor, but all armor doesn't protect the same and is split into ranks from 1-5. some warriors dont use armor because it slows them down.

Level 1: costs 15 coins-Level 1 armor is barely protecting you but is very light, this rank of armor is cloth robes and light silk, the armor protects the user from barely anything except the weather and a few unarmed attacks.

Level 2: costs 25 coins- This rank of armor protects the user minimally, these armors are made of leather and of copper, these types can survive minimal attacks and will easily break after a few attack but will protect the user from a few attacks. this ype of armor doesn't hinder the user.

Level 3: costs 40 coins- This rank of armor is the basic armor type, can be chain mail or thick hides, and can protect against many attacks of low strength and a few attacks of high rank without breaking. these armors causes the user to slow down slightly.

Level 4: costs 55 coins-  this is very high quality armor, such as plate or adamantine chain mail, these armors slow the user down by a bit and after 15 posts of using it tire the user out.
this rank of armor can take many heavy blows and lots of low ranks blows easily.

Level 5 armor: costs 80 coins- these ranks of armor are the armor of legend, almost unbreakable except under the greatest conditions and can only e used by lieutenants and above.

Armor that is higher ranked costs more and can be bought or created in a new topic
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