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Post by Luna Fang on Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:45 pm

Sometimes bending isnt enough or isnt possible and sometimes its just not the best choice for the job so some fighters use weapons. Weapons are very simple you post an application for the weapon and as long as its realitic it will be approved and can be used by you.

Different weapons had different combat abilities , like a wooden sword would be in the same league as a mithril sword, so their are different ranks for different materials weapons are made of and are separated by 5 levels or ranks they are as such.

Level 1: costs 15 coins- Made of a weak material, such as wood or copper, can not cut through much other then bare skin.

Level 2: costs 25 coins- Made of a weak material compared to better weapons but is still usable in combat, this includes weapons made of, weak tarnished brittle iron, or high quality copper or metal as such.

Level 3: costs 40 coins- Nice quality weapons, though they are nice they are not the best you can get they are simple yet effective. weapons made in this level are made of, High quality iron , and nice steel an metals of the same hardness.

Level 4: costs 55 coins- Very high quality weapons able to kill easily, these weapons are made by the best smiths and the best artificers in the land, these weapons are made of mithril and adamante and are nearly unbreakable, and can barely be unsharpened.

Level 5: costs 80 coins- These weapons are the weapons of legend they are nigh unbreakable and have supernatural abilities, these weapons are very dangerous and can only be purchased by a lieutenant or above.

Make a new topic and saw what weapon and what level. The Higher the level the more expensive.
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