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A visit for truces

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A visit for truces Empty A visit for truces

Post by Caro Fumiska on Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:55 pm

Caro, had been told by sources that she should visit the Fire Lord to broker a truce or at least a non hostility pact due to the angered relations of all the nations at the moment, she needed to make a good impression on this fire lord. Caro had been walking in the middle of her entourage, four other benders, all of them earth benders wearing green robes and wearing their symbol on their chest. the only differance between her garb and their garb was her crest was made of pure jade to symbolize her rank. when she approached the door to the Fire lords palace he knocked politly, and evenually a guard came up and asked her What is your purpose here he asked in a rude voice until he saw her crest and immeditly opened the door and bowed as she walked by. Caro walked into the the palace and approached the throne of the Fire lord and went to one knee in front of the fire lord and said, Hello Fire lord
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